The Bug-Eating Chef: A Taste of Change

The bug-eating chef. Joseph Yoon, a New York City-based chef, embarked on a journey into the world of insect-based cuisine four years ago, initially as part of an art project. Today, he is the executive director of Brooklyn Bugs, an organization dedicated to promoting the consumption of edible insects as a source of delicious, nutrient-dense, […]

Nongshim US Expansion: Riding Success Waves

Nongshim Co., South Korea’s largest instant noodle maker, finds itself at a crossroads as global events catapult its noodles to culinary fame. The worldwide notoriety of the Oscar-winning film “Parasite” and the COVID-19 epidemic have transformed the firm, which was mostly domestic until recently. Chapaguri’s Rise to Famefrom Fiction Chapaguri, a delicious combination of Nongshim’s […]

5 Delicious and Affordable Cambodian Signature Dishes Loved by Tourists

When you’re traveling to different tourist destinations, exploring local cuisine is a must. Just as you would want to savor the unique dishes of Thailand or Vietnam when visiting these countries, you should also indulge in the delightful flavors of Cambodia when touring this beautiful nation. Cambodia: Exploring Cambodian Culinary Delights Cambodian cuisine is a […]