Choosing the Best: Ranking Every League of Legends Victorious Skin

Choosing the Best: Ranking Every League of Legends Victorious Skin

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Victorious skins aren’t just pretty additions in League of Legends; they’re also prestigious badges that people who have successfully completed the difficult territory of ranked play are given. Every season, these skins stand for victory and show how tough and skilled the players are. But which one stands out as the real winner? Let’s go on a fun adventure where we’ll break down and rank every Victorious skin from bronze to gold.

Tier 5: Foot Soldiers League of Legends (Bronze – Jarvan IV, Sivir, Elise)

Even though these skins are important to League of Legends past, they look a bit worn. Jarvan’s flashy golden armor might feel a bit over the top, Sivir’s theme of patriotism is a bit too obvious, and Elise’s spider-queen style doesn’t quite fit with the happy mood. They remind me of a different time in Victorious design, one that might be better left in League’s history books.

Tier 4: Honorable Mentions (Silver – Maokai, Orianna)

The muted green and gold color scheme of Maokai might not impress, and Orianna’s clockwork beauty is beautiful, but it doesn’t have the unique style of higher tiers. The skins are fine, but they lack the special something that the top ones have.

Tier 3: Rising Stars (Gold – Lucian, Blitzcrank, Lucian & Thresh)

It’s now time for skins that hold more weight League of Legends. Lucian’s gunslinger character has an undeniable swagger to it, and the fiery gold accents make it look like a KLIK88SLOT champion of the rift. The mechanical design of Blitzcrank has been redesigned to look better, and the fact that Lucian and Thresh each have their own skin adds an interesting twist to the Victorious theme. While they are good entries, they haven’t quite taken the lead yet.

Tier 2: Silver Standards (Platinum – Jax, Graves)

The martial elegance of Jax and the huge golden staff make a strong statement and visually reflect victory in League of Legends. The rough Victorious outfit makes Graves look even more like a bad guy, which is a good thing. Both are famous skins that Platinum players can use to show off their hard-earned achievements.

Tier 1: Golden Glories (Diamond – Janna, Sejuani, Tryndamere)

These skins are the best of the best; this is where the magic happens. Janna is the most beautiful woman in the universe, and her golden ribbons show the ease and power of a Diamond winner. Sejuani’s fierce ice queen image gets a royal makeover, and Tryndamere’s golden axe gives him the raw power of a real champion. Each pixel and particle effect in these skins really brings out the spirit of success.

The Judge’s Decision: What’s Your Flavor?

It is up to you to choose the best Victorious skin in League of Legends. Are you drawn to the icy beauty of Sejuani, the heavenly grace of Janna, or the raw power of Tryndamere? The one that makes you think of your own rise to the top is your best. No matter the tier or your choice, every Victorious skin tells a story of a hard-fought win.

More than just ranking: keep the conversation going!

This list is only a starting place for the conversation. Which one do you like best, and why? What do you think really sets a Victorious face apart? We should keep talking about the great things League players have done and enjoy their wins, no matter if they’re wearing bronze or challenger. When you play League of Legends, every win, no matter how small, is worth praise.

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